I’m Dean Holland, President of Intrust Healthcare, and I’d love to tell you a little more about Intrust. We were initially formed in 1995 as a respiratory therapy contracting business and later expanded our service offerings to physical, speech, and occupational therapy to support a growing trend in home healthcare related services. We also sought, and still seek to, identify hard-to-find clinical specialists in rural markets. With the implementation of the Impact Plus Program in 1998, Intrust expanded our service offerings and became an Impact Plus provider in 1999. Impact Plus was a legislated program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide community-based behavioral health services to Medicaid-eligible children, to help more severely impacted youth of Kentucky avoid more expensive institutional care or hospitalization, as well as allow the child to remain in his or her home and community for growth and development.

Initially, Intrust, like many other providers, offered services in a very narrow scope of geographic territory, primarily in south central Kentucky. Thus, our headquarters was established in Somerset, KY. Throughout the first dozen or so years of providing Impact Plus services, Intrust grew dramatically by expanding our services and entering as many markets that our license would allow, adding multiple offices throughout the region to more effectively serve our communities. With the discontinuation of the Impact Plus Program in 2014,  Intrust, by that time, had grown to become one of the largest providers of community-based behavioral health services in the Commonwealth and the company was well positioned to transition to the managed care environment. This transition to managed care in 2014 presented many challenges for the entire industry, but Intrust served as a market leader and we discovered many more opportunities to expand its service offerings and geographic coverage. Most importantly, it allowed us to expand to any regions in the state that the company felt they could effectively support, and offer services to the adult population in addition to children (for a complete and regularly updated list of the services and locations, please click on the ‘Services’ and ‘Locations’ tabs in the top banner of this website). Intrust would not be the leader we are today without key partnerships we have forged and nurtured along the way with other community health providers and professionals who share our vision and commitment (for a complete list of our partners, programs, and services offered we collaborate on, please visit the ‘Resources’ section of this website).

Intrust Healthcare takes great pride in helping the thousands of children, adults, and families we have served throughout the years.  Everyone associated with Intrust is committed to continuously expanding our service offerings as our communities and their needs change.  I am honored to work with such a dedicated group of committed and compassionate professionals, and I look forward to continuing to share in our accomplishments and to make sure we fulfill our mission of being THE trusted leader in promoting mental wellness in our communities through individualized care.


Dean Holland, President

Mission & Core Values

At Intrust Healthcare, our mission is to be THE trusted leader in promoting mental wellness in our communities through individualized care. Our client-centered approach focuses on empowering personal growth and development. We are committed to promoting and advocating for the needs of our clients, communities, employees and referral sources.

To really know us is to know our Core Values. We are passionate and seek to meet these standards every day!
  • Involving and Inclusive – We work in an engaging environment, where every employee feels INVOLVED and INCLUDED.
  • Improving – We seek to IMPROVE lives of the clients and families we serve.
  • Inviting – We have a culture that INVITES empowerment, permitting employees to make rapid and impactful decisions.
  • Inquisitive – We continue to INQUIRE about and seek the most efficient methods to provide exceptional services.
  • Invested – We are INVESTED all the time; committed and compassionate about what we do.
  • Informational – We encourage and accept change quickly, constantly communicating with and INFORMING our employees so that we can evolve as an organization.
  • Impactful – Most importantly, we see to make an IMPACT in all we do.

Meet Our Team

Dean Holland
President & Founder
Kelly 1Kelly 2
Kelly Lloyd
Executive Vice-President
Danni Neal
Director of Clinical Services
Teresa Florence
Vice-President of Finance
Chris O'Bryan
Vice-President of Platform Development
Christy Vaught
Director of Case Management and New Program Specialist
Judy Lake
Regional Case Management Supervisor
Regina Baker
Clinical Coordinator
Shanae Carpenter
Director of Clinical Supervision
Mistie Robertson
Adult Services Coordinator
Jesse Miller
Regional Coordinator

Service Area

At Intrust Healthcare, we provide services throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and have many conveniently located offices.


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