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We Are Family!

No matter what is going on in our lives we are always there for each other. People always say it takes a village to raise children, and I feel that is very true. It also takes love, acceptance, faith and the people at Intrust that are there to help our clients along the way with whatever situation they and their family may be facing.

Darlene Moore

Billing Coordinator, Somerset, KY
Paving the way for a better tomorrow!

I love the staff I work with because they are supportive, resourceful, and family oriented. What sets Intrust apart from other agencies is the bond we all share, the fact that we love each other like family and provide the same love in return to our clients is a blessing.

Richard-Paddie Bunch

Case Manager, Adair County
Flexibility and Upward Mobility!

The flexibility offered is one of the biggest perks. It is very hard being a working mom and trying to balance life and work. Having that flexibility enables me to put my family first when it really matters.

I also love that Intrust typically promotes from within. There is always the possibility of upward mobility and that makes a huge impact in job satisfaction and feeling rewarded.

Katie Palmer

Executive Assistant, Somerset, KY
Love My Co-Workers!

I love my co-workers, my clients and the flexibility with my schedule. We are a family and genuinely care about our clients. Everyone comes together when we have a client in need.

Rosa Brummett

Therapist, Wayne County
You Matter!

I love working at Intrust, helping people and making a difference in lives. Plus, I love Kelly – she is the best boss ever! Our company cares deeply about the people they help, and we show them every day that they really do matter!

Anita Roy

Case Manager, Russell County
We Don’t Just Hear, We Listen!

I love the flexibility and my coworkers are the best anywhere. We are a serious business, but we have fun too. At Intrust, I feel like the career possibilities are endless, and we know that one day, one client session, one interaction can change everything!

Shannon Tennille Smith

Therapist, Wayne County
Community Is Key!

The flexibility is wonderful. The support and warm welcoming environment is appealing to clients as much as it is to staff. Clients don’t feel they just fill a seat in a lobby, they feel they’re in a safe, welcoming place! I love knowing that I have a strong group of prayer warriors in my corner when I have needed them also! Trust in staff is crucial to a happy, pleasant, well-functioning environment.

I love the community involvement and engagement in the services we provide. From the back-to-school events to everything throughout the year that we are involved in, get asked to help with, or just a friendly offer to be a part of with the community! It’s one thing to make sure you provide excellent services but it’s another level to include the community and for everyone to see and know that all they have to do is call on us and we will be there to help them! I love the integration of client happiness/well- being and community partnerships – it brings it full circle!

Kristy Coulter

Case Manager, Pulaski County
Putting Faith into Action!

I love the people I work with and the effort I see our staff put into helping our clients. We work together to make everyone’s job easier and we are there for each other when things get tough. I feel we care about our clients and go above and beyond to help them, that’s what sets us apart from other agencies.

Melissa Adams

Case Manager, Wayne County
I Feel Welcomed and Supported at Work!

I love that I can stay in my hometown close to my kids and family and that I feel welcome and supported when I go to work. Intrust truly cares about its employees and their families. There’s no back-biting and bitterness and we truly cheer each other on and enjoy seeing each other succeed.

Holly Lockhart Kidd

Therapist, McCreary County
We Are Client-Focused!

We are supportive of one another and a family. Intrust provides flexibility in our job that allows me to work and put my family first which is always been a big deal to me.

There are people in the community that refer to us because they see what kind of people we are and how client focused we are. We are special because our precious clients always request us again and refer their friends. That speaks volumes.

No matter what is going on in my life I know I can pick up the phone and there is always at least one person who is willing to support me whether it’s personal-related or work-related.

Mary Alysia

Therapist, Madison County